About Me

I'm an award winning creative manager, producer, and art director in Minnesota with twenty years of experience creating media that informs, inspires, and motivates audiences. I have the skills needed to lead teams, collaborate in large scale productions, or operate as a one man band. I write, direct, shoot, edit, animate, and more. In short, I do media. It is my lifelong passion and I would love to hear about how I can be of service in your next project. Check out my experience in more detail here or reach me through the contact page.

Recent Videos

Terry is an amazing producer, story-teller and communicator. He has strong writing and organizational skills. When he reported to me, not only did he manage a team of editors, produce compelling video but he also managed the department budget, all of our subscriptions and memberships. He has the hands-on experience to produce in multiple channels and the personal nature to interact with all levels of internal and external teams. Very fun to work with and his happy nature helps motivate teams.

- Jane Eyestone, Creative Director at ShopHQ

Photography and Digital Design

It is my pleasure to praise and support Terry. Terry is a very seasoned creative with equal measure of technical and process technique in production. He is always ready to jump in and help do the work when needed, he knows the score from first step to finish in the content, media, TV and digital production worlds.

That all is superpower enough, but his true gift and most natural super power is mentoring and nurturing his team. Never one to take credit for his work, Terry works to always shine a light on his team or an individual for outstanding work. He's wicked smart about the world in general and very balanced in his information gathering. With a full grip on story and irony, Terry consistently creates award winning work with his finely honed concept-ing and strategic skills.

I was very happy in my role to elevate Terry's role and title several times, as he easily cleared the bar in new positions. Terry has my respect and highest regard for his work, his ethics and his attitude - all which come quite naturally to him. I'd hire him again without hesitation and would be thrilled to see him everyday again and have his talent on any team.

- Heather Thornswood, Vice President Marketing at ShopHQ

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    I worked under Terry for approximately a year and a half. I was in awe with the amount of projects he was able to handle and still be completely compassionate and available for his team and their needs. His welcoming spirit and ability to lead a creative discussion was the highlight of our review process. He always knew the what and the why and the how while mediating to both creative and non-creative types.

    Terry has led and produced some of the most high profile projects Evine delivered, and always made the process fun and accessible, because he is approachable and cares about people.

    - Bryann Schlough, Designer at ShopHQ