EVINE Live (formerly ShopNBC)

My day job since 2001 has been at EVINE Live/ShopHQ/ShopNBC (though I did leave for a couple gigs here and there).  In 2004 I moved up to producing.  Ever since I’ve produced, written and directed video for Evine.  This includes everything from promo spots, live shows, webcasts, lifestyle videos and CTAs.

Here are some examples that are out of date now but that I still like.

ShopNBC Promo: 26 Hour Electronics

Shot by Erik Semelis, edited by Jim Jaeger, and features Keri Bunkers (woman on couch), Trevor Hartman (man on couch), Katie Novalany (female reporter), Sasha Andreev (male anchor).


Santa’s All Star Vacation 

I produced/directed this promo at ShopNBC in 2008. The whole concept is incredibly simple but because it plays out (mostly) in a single dolly shot, the execution was time consuming and created a long day for our Santa. It was also extremely cold that day. Between shots Joe entertained us with stories from his life as a “natural beard Santa”.

This promo was shot by Eli Ljung, A.C. Brady Kiernan, location sound mixer was Jim Morgan, Art Direction by Susan Jorgenson, Makeup by Jenna Heikkila, and edited by Jim Jaeger. The cast was Joe Courtemanche (Santa) and Sally Chevalier (Mrs. Clause).


ShopNBC Health and Fitness Promo

I produced/directed this promo at ShopNBC in 2009. I loved the idea of doing a funny promo that communicated the benefits of health and fitness products without dialog. In the end I was forced to add a brief VO but it doesn’t bother me now. I love working with David Tufford and his performance here just slays me.

This promo was shot by Eli Ljung, Art Direction by Sheila Anderson, and edited by Jim Jaeger. The cast was David Tufford and Kristen Aldridge (this was before she became famous…had I known I would have had her do more than just look fantastic).


Mother’s Day Celebration Promo

This is probably the cutest promo I’ve made at ShopNBC and it’s all due to the performance of Madison Meyer (she’s since gone on to do much larger commercials and a few feature films).

Producer/Director Terry Pounds, Writer Michelle Schmitt, Director Of Photography Eli Ljung, Editor Jim Jaeger


Thomas Kinkade Promo 

I produced/directed this promo for ShopNBC in 2009. I love it for the simplicity of the thing and what we were able to convey with so little. The whole thing is shot in a single room with only a few items to convey that it’s a gallery after hours. And while there’s only one actor, the camera becomes a familiar character by the end which I thought was kind of cute.

This promo was shot by Eli Ljung, edited by Jim Jaeger, and stars David Tufford (security guard).


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