Microscopic Life

Created in 2008, Microscopic Life was designed as an online documentary series.  Though only two episodes were ever finished, the show got a fair amount of attention and a lot of positive feedback.  I produced, directed, shot, edited and hosted the show and I really liked the results.  Unfortunately this one man approach was unsustainable and without money the project, and especially the schedule, was unrealistic.  Too bad this was before Kickstarter.

The two completed episodes are available below.  Episode 1, Outside The RNC, is about an anti war protest group and a pro military counter protest group.  Episode 2, Fear Of Wood, is about Ryan Wood, the creator of the online Fear Of Girls series.

There are three more episodes that were never completed.  One was about groups devoted to ending genocide and I had some truly amazing interviews for that one (so good I should really just post them raw).  Next was about underground comic book artists.  Finally there was an episode about Andy Brynildson who has been providing a stage for underground comedians for years in Minneapolis.  Maybe one day I’ll cut them together and throw them here.

Episode 1 – Outside The RNC

Episode 2 – Fear Of Wood

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