Frak You!

Originally posted May 15th 2012

Earlier this year a good friend, Vanessa Miles, was working freelance at ShopNBC and asked me if I’d be willing to play Saul in a parody video of Battlestar Galactica.  Would I?!  I loved that show (even though I never actually got through all of the seasons).  She told me more and by the end of that conversation I was not only in the video but I was going to be doing the editing and all of the After Effects work.  In short, I would be the entire post production team.

Last week the video premiered online and it only took a few days to break 4,000 views.  Vanessa has been campaigning like mad for the video and who knows, maybe it will be huge?

What’s exciting for me is the extensive visual effects work I did in the piece.  Even though I’ve been editing for over a decade, I’ve only been involved in After Effects for about a year and this was my most AE intensive project to date.  That people are embracing it and have had very nice things to say about the video is a thrill to say the least.

As for being in it?  I enjoyed performing and being dressed up in costume.  I’m not my favorite part of the video though I do love my make-out scene with Kat.

I hope you enjoy the video and please go to the Facebook page and “like” it.  There are dozens of frakin’ cool behind the scenes photos that I’m not going to link to here because again, I want you to visit the page.

Ok, enough from me, here’s the video:


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