Another Trip To The Moon

Another Trip To The Moon was written in 1999 and in 2000 I plunged myself into credit card debt to produce what I consider to be my first narrative shot on film.  Without film school and its free access to grip gear and cameras the movie would have been much more expensive.

Pre-production began in earnest in January of 2000.  Chris Flood (the film’s star) lived in a warehouse space in Minneapolis and for three months beginning in May we would build a set, shoot everything for that location, and then recycle that set in the construction of the next setting.  It was physically demanding and everyone wore multiple hats throughout the production.  Even at the time I remember thinking that it was a little large in scope and scale for a student film but we got through it.  The final product was finished on film in 2001 with a final cost of nearly 10 thousand dollars.

This version has been digitally enhanced to get that tiny step closer to what I originally had in mind and to fix the superimposition in the Zeuss spaceship sequence (it was muddy in the original print).

Produced, written, directed, filmed, edited and scored by Terry Pounds

Grip and electrical by Logan Jambik

Costumes by Dani Reynolds

Sets and props by Chris Flood and Terry Pounds

Credits by Dean Martinson at TITLEWORKS



Chris Flood – Melies

Jarrin Jambik – The Moon King

Julie Anne Mount – Mrs. Melies

Brennan Pounds – Melies Jr.

Joe Montgomery – Melies Assistant

Jerry Pounds – The Moon

John Bungert – Zeuss

Josh Ahrens – Moon Soldier

Andrew Brynildson – Moon Soldier

Christian Fredrickson – Moon Soldier

Logan Jambik – Moon Soldier

Christopher Kieffer – Moon Soldier

Mike Lande – Moon Soldier

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