PGP Filmcast…Back to our regularly scheduled program

PGPFilmcastLogo-CenterWebAfter announcing three episodes at once, posting this one single episode seems almost anticlimactic.  I just have to remind myself that the exciting part is that this is the August episode and it’s being shared at the beginning of August!  We’ve said repeatedly that we were back and you could trust us to post on time and now we’ve finally done it.  I shall now give myself a cookie.

I rather enjoyed this episode, I hope you do as well.

Click PGP Filmcast Episode #79 and enjoy.

Oh, and as always, I encourage you to drop by the home of the PGP Filmcast at Sector512Productions and do things like leave us comments or vote on the top ten list.

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Who Wants Three At One Time? [AUDIO]

PGPFilmcastLogo-CenterWebOne of you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new PGP Filmcast episode in awhile.  I’m sure you pictured us sitting around in our underwear, thoughtlessly shirking our responsibility to provide you with high quality podcast episodes for your listening pleasure.  Your imagination is so, so wrong.

We were recording episodes, we just weren’t posting them.  After all, who needs an audience?  Ok, actually we do.  We were bad and we’re very embarrassed, especially considering the proclamations of our triumphant return late last year (or whenever that was).  We failed, we were holding out on you, and we’re sorry.

But now we are going to make it up to you with three (yes three!) episodes all at once!  How’s that for making it up to you?  Three at once.  When was the last time you had that?  You can literally stick us in your ear all night long.

Click the images below for the audio for that episode or visit our site (where you can vote and stuff).

Episode #76 – The Man of the House is the best movie EVER and Top 10 Undercover movies!
Episode #77 – Blood Glacier looks @*%&ing rad and Top 10 Creepy Kids!
Episode #78 – Zach Braff needs to die and Top 10 Movie Sleuths!


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The Pounds Boys [VIDEO]

After about fifteen years of working with a laser like focus to establishing myself as a professional in the production world, I’ve come to realize that while it’s great to be employed, I was also doing a lot of things right in the early days.  Back then I made video for the hell of it.  I did it because it was fun.  I knew how to play.

This video I made for the hell of it.  I was sitting around, looking at some pictures of my kids, and decided to animate it.  I wanted to amuse them and I wanted to amuse myself.  There was no end game, just fun.  It worked, we had fun, and I’m going to try to do more things just for the hell of it.

Here are the pictures I used.

BrenBeer Brennan Brennan2 Cael







IMG_1043 Kieran







And here’s the video.

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Huge Potato

At work this meme was pinned up by the entrance to our cubes by a coworker.


While I love it, I felt compelled to counter with my own little creation (pinned up right next to it).


Huge Potato


I’m not sure what this says about me.

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