Welcome to my links page.  Everything listed below is something I encourage you to check out for one reason or another.  Maybe I worked on it, in some cases I might know the person, or maybe it’s just something I like.  Whatever the case, I didn’t have anywhere else to put it on the site so I dumped it here.  All links are listed in no particular order, thoughtlessly placed without rhyme or reason.


Pizza T

My brother owns a pizza restaurant.  How cool is that?  The food is quite good so if you’re ever in the area, do try it out.




The Monday Night Comedy Show

The Monday Night Comedy show is a weekly comedy showcase run by one of my best friends in the world Andy Brynildson.  He hosts it, books it, promotes it, and bleeds for it.  When they roasted Andy a couple years ago I performed but short of that, I have nothing to do with it.  Oh, wait, I did create a 3D logo animation for it at one point but when they changed venues they dropped the video aspect of the show.  Anyway, the show does quite well and has been around for years.  The website is minimal to say the least so if you really want info, check it out on Facebook.  Also, read my post about it here.

Kate Zarvis is a close friend and brilliant artist.  She works in the art department for all sorts of TV shows and films.  You can read what I wrote about her here and you should visit her site at

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