The PGP Filmcast

The PGP Filmcast was started a few years ago by my brothers Chad and Jerry and their lifelong friend Tom Gustafson.  Their premise was something along the lines of “doing a podcast would be fun, let’s do one about movies.”  There are a billion podcasts exactly like that but as it turns out, the three of them together were really funny and thus not-quite-a-legend was born.

I listened to the show for maybe two years before I joined them for an episode…and then another episode…and then the next episode.  Now I’m part of the show.  It’s fair to say that I’m the house guest who just never left and there’s a good chance this has made it less funny.

By the way, how do you like the logo?  I made that.  I had to contribute somehow.

When we do new episodes I’ll post them on the blog but really, there are better ways to keep track of the show.

Here they are:

1.  Get all things PGP Filmcast on its official Sector 512 Productions site.  Don’t forget to subscribe using your favorite RSS reader thingy.

2. Subscribe to the show on iTunes.  In fact, go there and say how much you really like it.  We could use the encouragement.

3.  Ok, maybe there’s only two ways to follow the show.  We should really get a Facebook page or Twitter feed or something.

Chad Pounds. He is the fearless leader of the PGP Filmcast. Seriously, he does all the work.
Dr. Tom Gustafson is the co-creator of the PGP Filmcast and does all the technical stuff that goes with it.
A teacher by profession, Jerry is the groups scholar and disciplinarian.
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