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So what do I mean by sound for multimedia?  In that category I would throw video games, computer programs, kiosks, web stuff, and anything else that’s electronic but not film or TV.  Aside from my time at Intuitive this has not been a big part of my career but I’m still proud of the couple of things I’ve done.

First To Fight: Close Combat

First To Fight Close Combat cover artI was hired to do post processing (editing, cleaning, sweetening) of the raw voice recordings for the game First To Fight: Close Combat (released in 2005).  It was a good gig and lasted quite a few months.  I was also happy to have my first (and only) video game credit.  The creators at Destineer are still around (last time I checked).

As an aside, getting this gig also got a close actor friend of mine, Mark Mattison, a voice acting credit.

Oh, and I’m not very good at this game.  My oldest son had much better luck with it.





Intuitive Minneapolis

Intuitive is a Minneapolis based recording studio where I worked as an assistant recording engineer and sound designer from 1999 to 2001(ish).

Owned by Mike Olson, this job represented my first break into professional (paid) production work.  I learned an incredible amount during my time there and it started my early niche as a sound guy.

I’d love to share some of the projects I worked on (two are still on his website) but it’s all flash so I can’t link to it.  Click here to visit the site and go to the portfolio section.  I worked on the Speiros promo for Cyrus Intersoft (primarily as a boom operator) and ATV Rally which was an interactive cd-rom promoting ATV safety (this was my favorite project as I did a lot of sound design on it).

If you need sound recording or music services of any kind, you should consider Intuitive.

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