Photo From Convergence Mainstage 2001

Intended as an outlet for the weird ideas Jarrin and I couldn’t use in Pondo Sinatra, Psychopop was meant to be part vaudeville, part art band, part punk rebellion, and part comic book.  All members were required to have a character name and wear a costume on stage, even though we rarely explained to the audience what the hell they were watching.  We frequently incorporated TVs, pyrotechnics, and props into our live shows and thought of our performances as theater.

People really responded to it and we had a decent following for quite a few years.  Psychopop remains the most satisfying musical project I’ve ever been involved in.  I still miss it.


Our On Stage Characters:

I was the Happy Doctor.

Jarrin was Klaxon Mindjammer.

Jarrin’s brother Logan was Rock Moniker.

John Bungert was Max Power.

Christian Fredrickson was The Dread Reverend.


Here Are The Recordings From The Years I Was In The Band

The EP: This Space Available, produced by yours truly.

A live show from the same period.

Rumor has it there are also some practice session recordings but I don’t currently have them.  If they turn up, I’ll add them.


So how did it end?

I left the band in 2001 (or so) to focus on film and while they don’t seem to be up to much, I know the band still exists in some form or another.

They have a website up but of course, it doesn’t make any sense.

They also have a MySpace music page


Here’s how they list the current lineup:

The Dread Reverend – lead vocals, lyrics, bracing cynicism

Rock Moniker – lead guitar, vocals, explosions

Klaxon Mindjammer – bass guitar, vocals, propaganda

Max Power – drums, pleading for attention


Past members are listed as:

The Happy Doctor – keyboards, vocals, lyrics, medication

Fancy Dawn – keyboards, vocals, choreography

Collateral Estoppel, Esq. III – bass, vocals, legal recourse


This Space Available

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