Sound For Film

Below is a sampling of sound work I’ve done for film.


Len’s Helper (2012) – Location Sound Mixer

Written & Directed by Ryan Wood

Production Company: Dangerously Adorable Productions


Fear Of Girls 3 (2008) – Location Sound Mixer

Written & Directed by Ryan Wood

Produced by Jason Wallace

Production Company: Dangerously Adorable Productions

I am good friends with Ryan Wood.  He asked me to be the location sound mixer for episode 3 and the entire production was a blast.   The Fear of Girls series has been wildly successful and Ryan remains a close friend and colleague.


The Dead Won’t Die (2007) – Location Sound Mixer

Directed by Todd Cobery

Produced by Brady Kiernan

Director of Photography Wilson Webb

Art Director Sarah Kruchowski

Edited by Sam Heyn

I love this project and even as the sound mixer I left the location covered in fake blood.   Due to the success of the trailer in the SXSW Grindhouse Trailer Competition (it was selected by Robert Rodriguez as one of 3 finalists and screened at his grindhouse 101 panel) I partnered with Todd and Brady and wrote a feature length screenplay based on it.  The script is done and Brady and Todd are courting investors.  The script has received amazing feedback.


Stuff’d (2006) – Location Sound Mixer

Written & Directed by Andrew Hunt & Jason Lausche

Production Company: Sleepy Eye

I volunteered to be the location sound mixer for Andy and Jason’s entry into the 48 Hour Film competition (as an aside, you might recognize Andy from the reality show “On The Lot”).  For those that don’t know about the 48 Hour Film competition, participation involves making a film in 48 hours.  I love Stuff’d and have great memories of working on it but I will never ever do another 48 hour film…It’s basically torture.


H-E-N-R-Y (2006) – Boom Operator

H-E-N-R-YWritten & Directed by William Kruse

Production Company: Rebel Filmworks

I was hired as the boom operator (something I never do for free).

This is one of those cases where some very talented filmmakers came together to make a movie that’s very easy on the eyes.  A good little film.  It’s only available on their site.  Click here to see it.



Series Pilot of Abnormally Normal (2005) – Location Sound Mixer

Episode Name: Just Breathe (2005)

Written & Directed by Julie Rappaport

Production Company: Smokin’ Yogi Visions

I was hired as the location sound mixer.   I haven’t seen anything beyond this trailer so I can’t comment on the film.  During shooting it struck me as sort of a Lifetime network kind of thing.  Actually, the trailer does too so I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for.  I have no idea what became of the series.


Committed (2005) – Location Sound Mixer

Produced, written, and directed by Ryder Seeler (visit his website here).

I like the perverse undertones to what at first glance is a pretty normal film.


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