Video tends to get all the attention but I also love sound for it’s own sake.  Music, radio, sound design, whatever.  I enjoy it as much as video.

The PGP Filmcast

A podcast devoted to movies both new and old.







Solo Sound & Music

The Devil Inside TerrySpoken word, sound art pieces, songs, or anything else I record without a band.







Sound For Film

Terry Pounds on setI’ve done a lot of location sound work for various films.  Check some of it out here.







Sound For Multimedia

Intuitive Studio

Audio work I’ve done for video games, programs, etc.








Psychopop at Convergence 2001

Psychopop was formed in the late 90’s and was the most successful of the bands I’ve been in.  Subsequently, there are lots of images, recordings, etc.






Pondo Sinatra

Terry Pounds & Matt Sawicki performing as Pondo SinatraPondo Sinatra was the punk band I played guitar in during the early to mid 90’s.  Click for songs, images, and the bands story.


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