Is there anything more blatantly narcissistic than writing your own artist’s bio on a website you built?  If I were really someone important some greater entity would be marketing my work and managing my image and a website would just appear, complete with a stylistically appropriate biography. Unfortunately I’m a nearly anonymous figure with no minions, no high paid PR representatives, and nobody to write about me in the first person.

So who am I and why do I have a website?

My name is Terry Pounds and I built this website to share things I’ve made over the years. My day job is as a producer at Evine and in my free time I write, make films, record music, and generally try to create stuff. I was born in 1975, I’m married, I have four kids, and I live in Minnesota.

As I am not famous you probably haven’t consumed anything I’ve made.  I hope you’ll look around the site and watch, read, or listen to some of my little creations.  I offer them for your enjoyment and should you not like them, you’ve really lost nothing but time.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy yourself.

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