What You Should Do This Monday Night

MNCSYou know how there are those secret places in some cities where the coolest shit happens but the public at large hasn’t caught on to it yet?  Secret clubs, bars, coffee shops, record stores, pool halls, truck stops, crematoriums, and so on?  Yeah, well, Minneapolis has one of those secrets.  Every Monday night a lone figure mounts the stage, orgasms, then climbs onto it to host the sort of comedy show that comics love.  That figure is my lifelong friend Andrew Brynildson and the show is The Monday Night Comedy Show.

In 2007 Andy created something unique to Minneapolis, a comedy show that operates as a writers room with an eye toward launching new comics, letting existing comics try out new material, and sometimes even forcing established comics out of their comfort zones.  It’s lose and wild but here’s why it doesn’t devolve into an unwatchable open mic: it isn’t one.  Andy pre-books this weekly experiment, carefully sculpting the chaos into something uniquely entertaining.  He creates the framework needed for freedom to occur.  This is why comedians love it as much as audiences.

At this point I suspect Andy would point out that the reason the show works is that there is a plethora of incredible talent in the Twin Cities (I could call and ask him but fuck it, I know him pretty well as you can tell from how he would totally use the word plethora).  He’s right but what’s telling is that they all like to play this show and have for nearly eight years.  They like it so much that they tell their traveling bretheren that while they’re in town for their paid gig, they have to get booked at MNCS too.  It’s that much fun for comics.

Here are some of the big names that regularly grace the MNCS stage: Tim Harmston who can be seen here performing on the Late Show, Mike Brody who’s CD you can buy here, Wendy Maybury seen being introduced by Louis Anderson in this video, Maggie Faris who was the 2013 winner of Stand Out, Chris Maddock who’s CD from Stand Up! Records can be purchased here, and Gabe Noah who I’m too lazy to research right now.  The point is that big names share the same stage as comics taking the stage for the first time.

Don’t you want to get in on this underground comedy secret before it becomes this big famous thing?  Sure you do and this Monday night would be a great time to do it.

Here’s the lineup:

The Wild Card 5 minute spot that could be YOU!
Closing duties provided by TURNER BARROWMAN CASEY

How could you miss all that? And who’s not on that list?  Andy Brynildson, because he built this mass of comedy awesomeness and he hosts the damn thing.  He’s one of my best friends in the world and he’s damn funny.

The Monday Night Comedy Show takes place from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Mondays at Spring Street Tavern’s Club Underground.  See you there.

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Andy Brynildson

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