Nationwide Pretty Much Completely Sucks

Nationwide I thought I’d share this image (left) which is my reaction to this article: Woman out of appeals after trial court says her firing for breastfeeding not sexist since men can lactate.

That is an impressively long title.

Anyway, I read it and my blood boiled.  What complete ass hats.  I wanted as many people as possible to read this article and drop Nationwide like a rock for being sexist, insensitive, evil fucks.  We should be years beyond this sort of crap.

Then I started thinking how it pains me that they use the Ben Folds song You Don’t Know Me featuring Regina Spektor in their TV ad.  It’s such a great, fun song and now it’s associated with these evil fuckers.  So sad.

Almost as sad as that dead kid superbowl ad they ran.  What is wrong with this company?  They seem to be devoted to sucking and if standing with women isn’t enough for you to drop them then do it for the dead kid that ruined your superbowl.


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